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Pharmacies are doing their part to help people throughout the world lead a happier and healthier life. ATL Systems is proud to make what pharmacies do a little easier. Listen to some of their stories and hear what they have to say about us.

Baywood Chemist

The EPOS system is user friendly and easy to use and it has made our business more streamlined. The system enables stock control, C&D weekly price updates and regular shelf fill up guide. All these tools help us to manage our pharmacy counter more easily and effectively. The customer support is prompt and accurate.

Mr. Yogin Patel – Director Baywood Chemist

Glenhazel Ltd

The EPOS System has eliminated all the paperwork which we used to have. We are now using ATL Head Office software and can access all our 6 branches data from our central head office. The system has created a discipline in our pharmacies for day to day activities for our counter staff to manage stock control, price updates, attendance and cash up for our pharmacy counter operations.

ATL Wholesale System has been implemented at all of our Glenhazel branches to manage wholesale activity on a regular basis. Now all our branches book in the stock and transfer electronically to head office so no entries will be done at head office except stock verification. This has helped us in saving and managing the stock in a more robust and efficient manner.

The most important aspects are the cost savings, no manual work and everything is cloud based. We thank ATL for their help and good technical understanding while implementing the system at our organisation.’’

Mr. Jatin Patel – Director Glenhazel Ltd – 6 Branches

Temple Pharmacy

I have been very impressed with the way the software has enabled me to improve my warehouse inventory management, by making it more time efficient.  The ATL EPOS System has reduced staff work load. This software allows me the freedom and flexibility that I need to run my small pharmacy.

Mr. Dinesh Patel – Temple Pharmacy

Berkeley Pharma

“We have four pharmacies and a warehouse using ATL Wholesale System software to manage our pharmacy and wholesale operations.  ATL wholesale software has significantly helped the growth of our wholesale operations. The key module particularly Sales and Distribution has strengthened our Goods Distribution Practice policies and procedures.  

ATL is very helpful in listening to my needs and they have delivered my bespoke requirements on time & under budget. I recommend this system to anyone who has a warehouse or pharmacy wholesaler business 

Mr. Prash – Berkeley Pharma – 4 Branches