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How to Register with SecurMed?

A Pharmacy and Wholesalers are required to register their business with SecurMed (the UK’s National Medicines Verification System).

Once register you will receive the account details for FMD Login details to connect to NMVS via Securmed.

Find below the ATL FMD Connect FMD Software details are follow..

  • Software Supplier Name: ATL Systems
  • Software Name: ATL FMD Connect
  • Software Version: 1.0.6

FMD Compliance.

  • Anti-tampering device checking procedure
  • Approved FMD System from Securmed
  • Process for FMD use in your business including pharmacy and wholesaler.

What Barcode Scanners Support?

We can supply you the 2D Barcode Scanner find the options below

  • DS2208-SR White (with Stand) USB KIT:
  • Zebra DS2278-SR Cordless Presentation Image with Cradle USB Kit
    DS2278-SR00006ZZWW Scanner, CBA-U21-S07ZAR Shielded USB Cable, CR2278-

  • Zebra DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager (USB KIT)
    DS9208-SR Black Shielded USB Kit – includes Scanner (DS9208-SR00004NNWW) and 7ft (2m) Straight Shielded USB Cable (CBA-U21-S07ZAR)


FMD Training?
The ATL FMD System has only one screen which makes system unique and user friendly. Our engineer can provide online training, SOPs, Manual. For support or any queries, we have dedicated support line for FMD Customers.

On-Boarding Process with Securmed Registration for FMD.

Welcome to End User Registration to the SecurMed UK MVS.
The SecurMed UK Registration Portal can be used by persons or representatives of Business (End User) Locations in the UK to register for access to the SecurMed UK MVS. You can register as an Individual to register your own business location(s) or as a Software Provider to register many business locations on behalf of your clients.

Before you can Register an End User Location, you must first create an Account in our system. Your Account can be used to register as many End User Locations as you wish. Create your Account by clicking the Sign In link in the menu bar above, then Select Register. If you already have aAccount, please Sign In to continue.
End User Location Registration

Before you start your registration, we recommend that if you have not read the information on our website before you were directed here, you visit the Useful Information page from the Registration menu above. An End User Registration Guide describing each field is available for download here: End User Registration Guide
First you need to decide if you would like to register a Single End User Location or Multiple End User Locations.
We recommend that if you have up to five End User Locations to register that you complete a Single registration for each, as this may be easier and as fast as downloading and uploading a multi-user registration form.
If your End User Location performs more than one function, for example a Pharmacy and a Wholesaler, you will need to register each function separately as individual End User Locations.

Before you start, you will need to have the following information available:

  • Name of Legal Entity, as it appears in the Authorising or Registration database
  • Registered Address for the End User Location
  • End User Location Function(s)
  • Authorising or Registration Body for the Location and Registration ID
  • Name, Email and Business Phone for the End User Location Primary Contact
  • Name and Email for an End User Location System Contact
  • Your Software Supplier Name, Software Name and Version

Note: Mandatory fields are shown with a red asterisk (*)