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The EU FMD is also mandatory for hospital pharmacies in order to prevent unauthentic medicines from being dispensed to patients. Hospitals also need to authenticate and deactivate medicines before dispensing them to the patients (or re-activate them in certain cases) and use the National Systems for this.Hospital pharmacy does however not deliver directly to the patient, but to the departments or doctors in the hospital. Unlike high street pharmacy the hospital can choose which point the medicine is to be deregistered and the security features checked.

Besides the obligations, the FMD also comes with a number of potential opportunities for hospital pharmacies: reduction in wasted medicines, in expired medicines, in local medicines shortages, but also increased opportunities to engage in patient care, more rapid product recalls, better inventory management and improvement in the pharmacy workflow.

ATL FMD Connect Standalone System is an easy to use secure web-based application, that enables Hospital pharmacy to verify or decommission the packs. Facility to dispense the packs directly without need patient to collect the prescription from the hospital pharmacy.

ATL FMD features:

  • Scan 2D barcode to verify or decommission pack.
  • Scan at the point of labelling.
  • FMD Bag Label.
  • Scan to decommission the packs on collection.
  • Audit trail for all printable data.
  • Download reports.
  • Secure data storage with ISO27001 Certified UK Data Centre.
  • Fully Compliant with the FMD Directive
  • Free training & support
  • User friendly web-based portal
  • No contract
  • Access to test environment for training
  • On-boarding process with SecurMed

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